Take your wealth management to the next level with our fully automated trading software.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way the world invests 

The most logical method to put your money to work

Build a stable portfolio

Discover how clever investors leverage sophisticated software to do all the heavy lifting

Consistently beat the market

Leverage a data-driven automated system that avoids emotional mistakes

Save hours of time

Learn how to save hours of research and generate stable & consistent results

How it works

Monitor your profile on your mobile

Monitor and watch your portfolio grow from an easy to use mobile app, anytime, anywhere. 

Easy setup

Our consultants will guide you throughout the setup and custom build your automated trading system. 

Step 1: Sign up

Setup your own trading account with our highly regulated brokerage partner.

Step 2: Fund

Fund your account in a few clicks.

Step 3: Monitor

Monitor your fully automated A.I. driven portfolio, view or withdraw anytime.

Keeping your account secure

We implement a variety of security measures to make sure your money is safe. 

Highly regulated broker partners. 

We have partnered with an ASIC and FCA regulated trading platform, while we focus on building the best automated algorithms. Only you have access to your capital, we DO NOT hold any custody of your capital. 

Your funds, your account. We have zero access. 

Your funds are in a custodian account that only you have access to. We only provide algorithms that beam trade indicators to your account. 

Secure server infrastructure. 

We engage New York based servers to host the "brains" of our A.I. network, ensuring lightning speed execution from our indicators to your account. 

Taking your investments to new heights

No matter where you are in your investment journey, our powerful A.I. Investing tools will take your investments to new heights

Are you a total beginner with zero trading experience?
Are you a professional with no time to trade?
Are you an experienced trader, but tired of watching screens?
Are you a fund manager that manages a large portfolio?

This is 100% For You. Get in touch with one of our consultants and get started with your fully-automated portfolio in just 30 minutes.

About us

Empowering Wealth Management with Artificial Intelligence

RoboGenesys was founded to empower retail and institutional investors manage wealth using Artificial Intelligence. We have developed our own proprietary wealth management technology or algorithms that leverages multiple trading strategies and Big Data Analytics to fully automate the process of managing funds. We now serve clients across the Asia Pacific region.

We are WealthTech firm focusing our efforts on building algorithms to fully automate the process of research and execution of investments across multiple asset classes, empowering the fund management industry. Our algorithms completely eliminates emotional investment decisions, ensuring trading analyses are 100% objective and data-driven. Using our proprietary algorithms, you can now analyse troves of data, doing real-time trade analyses with accuracies impossible for humans to achieve. Our main focus is to empower fund managers to achieve data-driven results for their clients.


Fund management firms

If you run a fund management firm, and have a quant mandate, we provide our artificial intelligent tools on a licensing model to add to your portfolio. 

Family offices

Diversify your portfolio using our world’s leading algorithmic trading technology. 


Build a Digital Wealth Management business with your own brand, while we support you with the best algorithmic trading technology. 

Emmanuel Raja Singam

Founder & CEO

Aaron Albert

Partner, Malaysia

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